The Stories Behind the Quality Ingredients that Allow Us to Bake Love into Each Cookie

As we pride our delicious cookies being made from quality ingredients (including love), we also wish to highlight some of the family owned businesses that provide some of those special ingredients. They put the quality into our sweet treats and well, we just couldn’t do it without them! 

Hatteras Saltworks 

Hatteras Sea Salt

Hatteras Saltworks collects their saltwater off the beautiful shores of Hatteras Island in NC. They have spent years perfecting their solar evaporation techniques and to produce the purest sea salt available. Their philosophy and methods make their sea salt  a perfect fit

in our award winning Salted Chocolate Espresso Cookies. We use their plain sea salt in our cookies while in our home kitchen we love their black pepper, pecan wood smoked and ginger sea salts, just to name a few.

Ashley’s Espresso Parlour

ashleys espresso parlour coffee

Ashley has years of experience roasting beans on the Outer Banks and her passion for delivering fair trade coffee from around the world is what gives their brew its signature taste. That’s why we pour a cup each morning before we head to the kitchen to make cookies and why we chose her Jamelle’s espresso blend, named in honor of her mother, to provide the other signature ingredient in our SCE Cookies.  When she’s not busy in the family business you may find her with her family at the beach catching some waves.

Ashley’s Espresso Parlour helps supply the other signature ingredient in our Salted Chocolate Espresso Cookies. The parlour is part of the overall ‘All Time Coffee Roasting Company’. Over at the All Time Coffee Roasting Co. coffee is signature passion and delivering fair trade coffee from around the world is what gives their brew its signature taste.

White Oak Lavender Farm 


White Oak Lavender Farm has grown the lavender in our signature Lavender Lemon Cookies for years.A friend connected us when needed to find a new source of lavender. They are located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and one visit to this family owned and operated farm had me hooked.  From a relaxing stroll around the farm, a visit with the animals to the many products found in their lavender gift shop you are sure to enjoy a relaxing lavender experience. 

We love to make an in person delivery of our cookies when we are in the area hiking in Shenandoah National Park.

Feel free to click the links above to learn more about our fabulous suppliers as well as learn more about our Magic Cookie Jar subscription where you can get these delectable cookies on a monthly basis!