Hello & Happy New Year 2018!

What a year 2017 was. I must admit I’ve enjoyed the downtime SNOBX2018 forced upon the inhabitants of our little sandbar. I had to laugh though after readingan article a friend shared -- East Glacier Park received over 49 inches of snow during their last storm. Our 4 inches slowed down life and now it’s time to get back to planning for 2018. I found myself saying “We have the best customers” many times last year and want to thank a few “people” that helped make 2017 a sweet year for Sweater Box Confections. First, our wholesale accounts for helping spread Sweater Box Love and providing locations from Manteo to Duck and beyond for sweet treat pickupsNext, I would like to thank the other business owners I've interacted with -- from fellow vendors at the Market and special events to those we've collaborated with on special projects. It really DOES take a village to raise a small business! Anda big thanks to the local publications that gave us love on their pages.

But the Sweater Box “Cookie of the Year” award goes to YOU, the individual! Last year was one of transition for us. We moved from a shared commercial space back to a home kitchen. My worries were for naught. You continued to call, email, text, private message, order online, and come by the Market and Pop-Ups for your cookies, pies, and pennies! We shipped directly to you or a special someone, delivered to your home or office, even met you in parking lots and the occasional beach walkover...we even left your treats at other businesses to make it easier for you to get your goodies. Somehow we made it work -- and I am filled with gratitude for your support and the stories you have shared with us.

And because #wehavethebestcustomers we are adding a rewards program that we're calling “Sweet Rewards!” It’s our way to say THANK YOU in 2018 and beyond. Simply sign on so you can begin collecting rewards that will be redeemable on future purchases made online and in person (no matter where that might be!)

Now enjoying their winter hours, Waveriders in Nags Head is a great place to relax, chat, drink a beer or glass of wine, grab a hot drink or get a little light fare (and yes, that includes some Sweater Box treats!) If you've not ever been or it's been a little while...allow us to introduce you to one of the OBX's favorite haunts...

We look forward to hearing more cookie and baking stories from you in 2018 and creating our own to share with you.
Sweet regards,

Chris & the Sweater Box Team