Snickerdoodles Cookies
Snickerdoodles Cookies

Snickerdoodles Cookies

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  • Handmade in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Just like Grandma made...only better because they are delivered right to your door without traveling over the river and through the woods.

Choose from our large, individually packaged cookies or our medium cookies (24 minimum order/flavor) that are packaged in bulk. We are happy to discuss custom packaging for your special event.

NOTE:  These are best enjoyed within 3 days of receiving OR put them in the freezer to enjoy up to 3 months later.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tom Carroll
Awesome Cookies!

I bought the cookies for a team recognition at work. Everyone loved the cookies, making the recognition a great success.

Bonnie Smoker
The Best !

Amazing Cookies! Made with Love!

Thanks B, they are made with love and one of our favorite smells when baking!

Darren Norris
Absolutely the best!!

I look forward to these every year! You can taste the family recipe with every bite. There is no store bought cooky that can match the flavor and texture of these Snickerdoodles.
Good luck making your own this good!

Jane Law
There are 2 different bakeries here that offer fabulous snickerdoodles.

The Confetti tea cookies rate a 10! I am a cookie addict and they rate among the best! Ask me how I would rate them!

Gone in an instant

So good that when friends stopped by I had to hide some for us.

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