In a world where grandmas are texting, tweeting, and running businesses, who’s left to bring families and friends together over plates of baked goods?

We are!

Now you don’t have to worry that those you love and appreciate will have to sit awkwardly across the table from each other without coffee, tea, and cookies to share. I think specific helps create a clearer visual of the scene we’re creating. Just set out some Sweater Box Confections, sit back, and taste the bliss. Hand made in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, our goods are crafted with love to bring you Hallmark™ moments all year long. 

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At Sweater Box Confections...

we bake great stuff so you don’t have to!

Now step inside, wipe your feet, and let us take you back to a time before catching up meant posting comments on Facebook, a time when people weren’t too busy to meet up with each other, a time of hand-crafted all-natural sweets.

Welcome to Sweater Box Confections!